The update information of submission  


     Given information from the ISM-2017 secretary committee, the conference has received 194 papers’ abstract including 55 and 139 abstracts submitted to the Springer book and to the ISM-2017 Proceeding published by the Publishing House for Science and Technology with ISBN, respectively. These were submitted by 115 international scientists from 26 universities and 18 countries. Many of them are from France, Australia, Germany, Russia, Poland, Norway, Japan, Thailand, China, South Korea, Laos, Mongolia, etc.

The list of abstract submission to the Springer book

     The conference also attracts the attention of many scientists in Vietnam. There are 356 authors who submitted their research results to the conference. They come from 31 universities, institutions, and research centers such as University of Science, Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh, Tay Bac University, Thuy Loi University, Hanoi University of Natural Resources and Environment, University of Transport and Communication, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, etc. 

The list of abstract submission to the ISM-2017 Proceeding

     The ISM-2017 organization committee would like to thank scientists for abstract submission. We are looking forward to receiving your full paper as soon as possible. We also would like to thank universities, institutions, and companies for supporting the conference. 



The ISM-2017 Organization Committee